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Adrian Alicea “Unorthodox Romance”

Article published by En La Escena TV & My LifeStyle Magazine

Designer Adrian Alicea has always been recognized for designing collections that are created out of the box. His designs are magical creations, masterpieces with features for those who are not afraid of taking risks. During New York Fashion Week, Alicea presented his fall/winter 2016-2017 collection named “Unorthodox Romance” at the MIST Harlem Restaurant. The collection is inspired, as the artist told us, by the way New Yorkers dressed during the seventies and eighties, their elegance and the idea of romance.

The evening started with a performance by Yut and The Hot Four, who brought a touch of energy by playing in an incredible way the electric violin. The runway opened with a black dress which has a Gothic and classic style at the same time. From that moment every piece of his collection was magic. Dark colors, hats, coats and dresses with huge hoods were symbol of elegance and sensuality. The makeup was inspired on monkeys, which gave a wild element to the show.

Adrian Alicea closed the show fulfilling the expectations. His friends, who were part of the runway; his fans and those who saw his work for the very first time showed their admiration for his work. All the assistance applauded his work, and Alicea did not have words to express his happiness for all the love around the creation of “Unorthodox Romance” collection.

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