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The Puerto Ricans in social media: The New Barrio

By Sandra Escallón

Photos by Anthony Austin

Artcile published by En La Escena Website

How Puerto Ricans are building bridges of communication trough social media? How important is to utilize this new way of communication to talk about issues that really matter? How can we create community by using social platforms in a constructive way? These were some of the questions answered at The Puerto Ricans in social media: The New Barrio hosted by Center for Puerto Rican studies at Hunter College. Each of the panelists – Julio Ricardo Varela (Digital Media Director at Future Media Group), George Torres (Creator of Sofrito Media Group), Nuria Net (Editor and founding director at Fusion) & Lynn Ponder (Founder of Web City Girls) – talk about where Puerto Ricans are nowadays in terms of exploring and using social platforms to create identity as Boricuas and at the same time make a change by sharing thoughts and ideas that can help Puerto Ricans to have a better life. It is amazing how social media creates connections that can improve, change and create communities. Everybody can be part of the online community and start building new ways of communication. Use hashtag #BoricuasOnline to share your stories, ideas and culture.

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