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Les Bosquets premiere at The Tribeca Film Festival


Les Bosquets is a beautiful short film by JR that narrates throughout different artistic expressions the reality of the riots in France. This movie is a continuation of a unique project called Portrait of generation that started 10 years ago. It is a film that creates emotions trough music, choreography and testimonies. Each of these expressions involve the public during 17 minutes of a magical work.

The premiere during The Tribeca Film Festival was well received. The team behind this terrific work walked on the red carpet and talk about their roles in the production of the film. JR (Artist and creator), Hanz Zimmer (Composer), Pharrell Williams (Musician) and Lil Buck (dancer) are the creators behind this project. All of them are well known for their amazing creativity and influence in the art industry. The public had a great experience and conversation with each of them.

JR showed once again his ability to catch the attention of those who see his work. A short film that will bring you to experience what art is and how it is a bridge of communication to show the unknown.

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