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Nacidos de la tierra first tour in The US


Nacidos de la Tierra is a multicultural urban band formed by Kasú (Peru), Meser (Spain) and Malakai (England). Each of them is sharing to the world messages full of positivism and honesty through their unique musical style. This is the first time that the group is on tour in The US to present their latest album Todos somos libres, which has a combination of different musical styles such as reggae, funk, Hip-Hop and electronic sounds.

Last month, Nacidos de la Tierra released its second video with Quiero y Puedo, a song that remind us how important is to believe in ourselves and never give up. It is a song about following our dreams, fighting for them and cheering ourselves to keep going because if you want you can do it.

This urban band will be in New York City (March 17th and 21st) and Washington D.C (March 26th) in three events that showcase the talent of Latino bands that are influencing the Hip-Hop Latino and its urban style. Nacidos de la Tierra is a group that everyone who loves music and positive lyrics should listen to.

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