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Emi Antonio a new revelation in 2015

Emi Antonio a new revelation in 2015

By Sandra Escallon

Article published by En La Escena TV

Emi Antonio, a great compositor and singer from Dominican Republic, has stolen our hearts throughout his music during 2014. The singer has amazing projects for this year, and he shared with us in an exclusive interview at SAO NYC, where he is going to be performing next Wednesday, January 7th.

Emi started his career as solo last year with a beautiful balada ‘Amiga’ from his first album ‘Sueños Extraordinarios’. ‘Pensando en ti’ will be his second release in the beginning of this year, a song that he is very happy to share with the world.

The artist’s great skills as musician helped him to make of this album a great creation. It was a long process but the beginning of a career that is giving him a name in the industry, especially in pop music. As Emi told us, he admires different kind of artists that has influenced the way he creates his own music style. That has brought him to try other kind of rhythms, such as Colombian music, which is in one of his songs recorded in this country.

Emi is an artist with a great personality. He received us with a smile and a great energy to start this New Year. He is one of the few Dominicans making this kind of music and we were very happy to interview him. Emi is one of the new Latino artists who we will be hearing about during this 2015. His music and his stunning voice will take your breath away.

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