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New York City fell in love with Rubén Blades

Article published by En La Escena TV

During three nights, the great Latin-American master, Rubén Blades, performed at The Jazz at Lincoln Center, interpreting two musical genres, Jazz and salsa, that came together in an unforgettable experience. He was accompanied by Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. The great singer filled us up with joy by singing some of his classics with La fania and jazz songs that stole our hearts.

Ruben Blades gave a twist to what was known as salsa during the 70s through the beauty behind his lyrics. These were one of the most poetic and meaningful words of our language. Pedro Navaja and El cantante, are some of those songs that were part of his repertory during the show, songs that most of us listened to when we were children and have been part of our life and culture.

It was a concert were the legendary singer shared with his audience the stories behind his compositions. Inspirational and wisdom experiences that showed his skills as storyteller. Definitely, he is a person who creates a magical atmosphere with those who follow him. It was an intimate evening where Rubén not only performed his classics but songs that have influenced the world of Jazz, being the first time that the artist sings in English during a concert.

One of those songs was Don’t like Goodbyes by Harold Arlen and Truman Capote. A song that left the public breathless.

The night was full of surprises, such as his interpretation of the song Fever accompanied by his wife, the singer Luba Manson. A beautiful couple who through music showed us the love and admiration that they have for each other.

Carlos Henriquez, music director and bass, inspired us with his story and musical journey. Captivating moments that were part of this emotional experience.

There were three nights to never forget, nights where two important musical genres, jazz and salsa, came together to be interpreted by a legendary singer-songwriter of Afro-Caribbean music, Rubén Blades. Nights full of surprises, amazing music and lyrics that brought the audience to tears. New Yorkers fall in love again with Ruben Blades and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

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