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“Views of the Fleeting World” a beautiful dance from the Rioult Dance NY

“Views of the Fleeting World” a beautiful dance from the Rioult Dance NY

By Sandra Escallon

Last Wednesday May 27, En la escena attended to one of the Rioult dance’s rehearsals that will be part of their programs in their summer season 2014. These performances are part of the company 20th anniversary which is honoring Pascal Rioult’s choreography, his mentors and his beautiful work.

The dancers rehearsed Views of the Fleeting World, and En la escena team experienced the emotions and the beauty behind the movements. The dance is about the cycle of life represented in nine short Vignettes that captured life emotions through the rhythm of the choreography. Bach’s musical score gives the dance a unique feeling where nature sounds connected the public with simple elements beautifully complex.

Pascal Rioult, artistic director and choreographer, gave us a one a one interview where we talked about the beauty of this dance and how the simplicity of the story is part of a hard work, discipline and technical movements. The director also share with us his opinion about dance in NYC, and what the public can expect for their following programs as part of the 20th anniversary of his company.

Do not miss this great celebration at The Joyce Theater from June 17 – 22, where the audience will see beautiful choreographies and scenes. For more information check the website

Dance is the language of our soul. Enjoy it!

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