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Rebeca Vallejo's at The Cornelia Street Café

Link to the blog at en la escena blog website

On the scene was part of the the Second edition of the Jazz-Flamenco Series “The Flame: Flamenco Infused Jazz”, with Rebeca Vallejo, who performed some of the songs of her recently released album “Azúcar, Canela”. The performance was held at the Cornelia street café last Saturday March 22nd, with a very unique, romantic and vanguard atmosphere. Rebeca has a unique sound where Brazilian music, jazz and flamenco mixed into a beautiful creation. On the other hand, Rebeca presented one of the songs from her next album which is inspired by one of her favorite bands, The police. The audience fall in love with her music, and the way she uses her body as an instrument. Definitely an artist who is influencing the flamenco rhythms.

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