Emmy Winning Journalist - 2020

Sandra Escallón was named a 2020 Top Women in Media Honoree


Journalist of the Year Award given by 'La Cumbre Mundial de la Salsa' - 2018

Outstanding Citizen Award given by New York State Assembly - 2018


Sandra Escallón is an award-winning bilingual journalist and public speaker based in New York City. She is passionate about the arts, culture, social and environmental issues. Sandra graduated from Montclair University with a major in Communication Studies (Emphasis in Journalism and Organizational Communication). She has experience as a writer, journalist, digital producer, and reporter. Sandra is currently working with TELEMUNDO 47 as a Digital Producer and a writer. Sandra has worked with, among other media outlets, HITN, HispanoPost, HOLA! USA, NY1 noticias, En La Escena TV, My LifeStyle Magazine and Noticia Corta. Sandra was also the press representative/public relations specialist for World Music Boutique Productions and Daniel Fetecua Productions, and worked as press officer for The Colombian Film Festival. Some of the events that she has attended and covered are: The Colombian Film Festival, New York Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival and The Afro-Latino Festival. She has also interviewed artists such as Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo, Hans Zimmer, and JR. For Sandra, believing in her dreams, listening to her heart, God and love are the key to overcome any obstacle. Besides, for her it is important to be able to share her talents and passion with the world.

Sandra Escallón es una periodista bilingüe galardonada y residente de la ciudad de Nueva York. Sandra es amante del arte, la cultura, el cuidado del medio ambiente y la lucha para resolver los problemas sociales. Escallón es comunicadora social de la universidad de Montclair (con énfasis en periodismo y comunicación organizacional). Tiene experiencia como escritora, periodista, productora digital y reportera. En este momento trabaja para TELEMUNDO 47 como productora digital y escritora. Sandra también ha trabajado para publicaciones como HITN, HispanoPost, HOLA! USA, NY1 noticias, En La Escena TV, My LifeStyle Magazine y Noticia Corta. También, fue la representante de prensa y especialista en relaciones públicas de World Music Boutique Productions y Daniel Fetecua Productions, y ha colaborado como jefe de prensa para The Colombian Film Festival. Algunas de las coberturas que ha realizado han sido: el Festival de Cine Colombiano en Nueva York, El New York Fashion Week, El Afro-Latino Festival, y el Tribeca Film Festival. También ha entrevistado a grandes artistas como Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo, Hans Zimmer y JR. Ella piensa que creer en sus sueños, escuchar su corazón y el amor son las herramientas para tener su propia luz y compartirla con el mundo.

Photo credit © María Mejía
"Sandra Escallon Colombian​ ​Journalist​ ​who​ ​is​ ​breaking​ ​borders​ ​throughout​ ​cultural​ ​topics" - Celebrity Scoopy Magazine
"Expresiones como el teatro, el cine, los museos o la música, inspiraron a esta periodista a tratar de subsanar mediante su labor, algunos de los problemas sociales que ve a diario en esta y casi todas las ciudades del mundo." - Carlos Felipe González
"I had the chance to meet Sandra Escallon or Sandrita as I called her,  a journalist passionate for her career but also for her culture, she is from Colombia but she not only love her own roots but all cultural aspects related to Latin America, her desire to bring positivism  and to share and support the culture is really inspiring." - Monica Herrera - Journalist